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B r o t h e r s
Summary: (Underfell AU) Sans, set with the task to either kill or capture the human ends up breaking down and being confronted by Papyrus, his brother whom he just wished would go back to being his old self. When Sans’ power threatens to erupt, will he be able to control it?
Sans had never wanted to become a part of the royal guard. He had never wanted to work for anybody besides from himself. He wasn't the kind of guy that liked following orders unless if they fulfilled his own ambitions. It was because of Papyrus, his brother, that he had been given this role. He too was a royal guard and after many monsters had seen his power they had assumed that Sans was just as strong and therefore royal guard material.
Everyone was wrong.
Sans was not as strong is Papyrus…
He was much, much more powerful than anybody could have imagined him being. This had been learned when some thug had to be dealt with by Sans on a solo mission. He had meant to knock the guy out but instead
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Let's just get to the point.
Nobody cares about your art.
Now before people start getting pissy and butthurt, let me also say this: YOU shouldn't care. About other people not caring, that is. But that's not going to happen anytime soon, so let's just explore this topic.
What is Deviantart's catchline? The world's largest online collection of art. Looks like they were more concerned with quantity than quality. Here on Deviantart, we are very self-centered. Now that's not to say we aren't kind to certain others on here but that's besides the point.
When you go to the 'browse' option of this site, how often do you see something that's often worth looking at? Very little. And when we do, it's just to remind us what this site is really for.
Now you might not get it at first but allow me to explain.
Now greed doesn't necessarily mean something that has weight or something that can be held, for instance, money. No, the greed I'm talking about is the mental greed.
Heres my art.
Notice me, give me views, favorites, comments, so that I can silently gloat about how internet famous I have become. How popular I am, how much of a phase my art is.
Most top rating art on this site is of games, anime, books. Something we can imagine in our minds later as a scenario with those characters.
And when we create something that people don't agree with exp, gay or lesbian coupling of two canonically straight characters, boy do people flip their sh_t.
"Oh, they would never do that!"
" Disgusting! "
" I don't like that, change it! "
Grow the f_ck up people. They didn't post their art for you to sh_t on it, and if they did, well then those are my kind of people, and they know exactly what I am talking about. We as a species need to stop caring about what other people think. They don't matter. Don't post art for other people, post it because you want to post it and if you need to, disable comments. If people harass you in notes, block them and delete the note. They. Don't. Matter. No one else's opinion matters on this site.
For the people who gain money from patreon, good for you, people like your art and the ones who dont don't pay your bills so they don't matter.
For adoptables, well that's the greed I'm talking about. But it can be both good and bad. The good part is that you think your art is good enough to people to want to use it. Bad. You think your art is good enough that people want to use it. And even if it's water marked, people can just redraw it in their style, exact same design. Now you can report them but when does that ever work, like come on.
For those who do commissions. I feel bad for you. When people buy your art, they can go around saying that it's theirs, and you can't deny it, because it is. YOU sold it to them and in doing so sold the rights to that  piece of art to someone else. You may have put in all that effort, but it's not yours. It's theirs. And unless you want to buy it back from them and they agree, it never will be.
Now that's not all I have to say, but just to let you know, I'm not replying to rude comments. Because I don't have to, and I don't have to care about what you think because I didn't make my art for you. I made it for me and more people need to do that.


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I'm just some random satanist on the web. I made this account to write down my "escapades" and happenings of my life. I don't know why, just thought it would be interesting. I won't tell you who I am, or even my gender. Well, maybe my gender but not for a while at


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I got questions.

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